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We provide you our best technicians and interior designer for your lights at home. We guarantee they will give you the best output of lights you could ever have!

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We can arrange schedule for meeting for you to consult the best style and safest arrangement for your lights.

2 Years Warranty

If there ever be problems, dont you worry. We are one call away. We give you 2 years free service of fix and consultation visits.

About Us

About Us

We at Eglo aims to give you the best and bright lights at your home. Be one of our affiliates now!

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Hi! I am Diana. I am EGLO's customer assistant for their online market for 3 years.

Skills: excellent customer service skills, the ability to handle and resolve difficult situations, IT and administration skills and accuracy and attention to detail.

I will be glad assisting your queries.
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How to order?

You have to fill up our quote form and we will try to contact you asap!

How many years for the warranty?

It depends on the product you purchase. But the very least, we give 1 year warranty.

How to get premium consulting service for lighting design?

You have to know when is your best available date and fill up this form.


One of the most fascinating things about light products is that they can come in numerous and diverse forms. Take Luminaries, for example, which are a fascinating and excellent way of not only making your house interesting but also expresses your personality. When you shop for these things at Online Shops Like Lazada And Zalora using abubot discount code, you’ll likely see them for the beautiful pieces of art that they are.

Of course, this would all depend on just how good the products are. Ours are guaranteed to meet your high standards and at really low prices, at that.

The thing about Luminaries is that it always feels like you’re buying so many lights at the price of one. Remember the first time that you got to book a package for your first family travel abroad? It was one package, but then it opened you up to a whole new world. Well, purchasing Luminaries is much like the same thing. You will definitely be surprised how much you can actually enjoy lighting fixtures with them. (Never mind that you bought them with a Lazada voucher code.)

You can also use your ส่วนลดcentral online for your other Luminary needs, just in case the choices at Lazada have become too predictable for you.


Bowls are among the easiest and most common luminaries available in the market. Basically, they are shaped like bowls, but with perforations all over the body. Think of them as decorative dishes that are meant to house bulbs or candles instead of food. They come in many different designs as well, most of which mimic traditional styles while others can look like corals.


Similar to the bowls, spheres are circular in form with holes all over them as well. They will have a larger hole at the top to make it easier to insert the light source, which should make these options attractive to those who believe in concepts like Feng Shui. More to the point, they can also be incredibly beautiful if you find the right seller.


As the name suggests, Tube luminaries are luminaries that are shaped like tubes. They can come in a variety of sizes and colors, though, they are rather easy to spot. These tubes can also by asymmetrical and can resemble the shape of vases. This makes them appealing for those who would like to use them as decorative items when paired with plants.


Finally, there are the luminaries that are shaped like lanterns. These are basically your traditional shapes such as rectangular boxes or one of those Asian looking constructs. There are also luminaries that look remarkably similar to that of castles found in Japan or China. In any case, these are often placed in gardens or gazebos, thus indicating that they are more for outside use than anything else. Shop Online and check them out.


Normally, putting children and light safety in the same train of thought is not something that a lot of people would do. However, parents need to take this into consideration along with everything else they need to think about. If you are concerned that the Eglo children’s lamp you got might be a risk factor for kids, for example, you should try to learn as much about it as possible. Only then will those online shops voucher codes be worth it.

While shopping for lights might no exactly come off as a very appealing or exciting thing to do, it’s actually a great way to bond with your wife or husband. As you shop for lights, you can actually imagine what each room in the house is going to look like, which is also a great exercise as couple If you think you’re going to need a little more inspiration, though, you might want to consider traveling abroad and checking out the light fixtures and styles over there. (Be sure you book with a promo code, like the promociones Avianca.)

For what it’s worth, shopping with a kode promo fave will always be one of the best choices you’ll ever make, even if it’s just for lights.


The brightness of light sources should always be a big concern for parents since it can lead to all kinds of dangerous conditions. Lights that are too bright can cause headaches, nausea, and depending on certain conditions and the health of the child, they can even induce seizures. Fortunately, Eglo lights are specially designed to give off only enough light to illuminate rooms without hurting children.

It does this through ingenious use of the bulb itself and the excellent design of the housing. You won’t have any trouble getting your children to like these types of lamps and you won’t have to worry about hurting them in the process.

Quality Check

Eglo lights and lamps are always rigorously tested and every single product that comes out of the factory line is inspected. You won’t have to worry about any of the lights posing any kind of threat of electrocution nor will you have to keep looking out for design flaws that might lead to the lamps getting damaged in any way. The light itself will last for a good long while, so there’s that matter to feel reassured about.

No Choking Hazard

Finally, there’s the matter of choking hazards to deal with, which you fortunately won’t have to worry too much about with Eglo lamps. All of the products are regulated so that they don’t pose any kind of a risk to children who might swallow certain parts. Naturally, there will be times when children try to put the lamps or some parts of the lamps in their mouths, but it won’t likely pose too much trouble since the quality of the products ensures integrity. So go for that big Discount if you want to.


When it comes to shopping for lighting products, knowing what kinds you can choose from is imperative. You need to be able to make the right decisions about what you will get based on what the type of lighting product is meant to do, where it should go, and how it should be used. After all, even if you save on lights using Promo Codes, it would be pointless if they don’t do the things you need them to do.

Incandescent Lights

The OG of modern light sources, this is the same type of bulb that helped make Thomas Edison a household name. In any case, incandescent lights are probably the most popular types in the world, with most homes and buildings having them in one form or another. They basically involve heating up metal filaments via conduction, thus causing it to glow bright and cast light.


Invented in the 1980s, fluorescent light sources have since become incredibly popular. There are two types of lights under this category. There’s the well-known linear type, which is shaped like a tube and comes in all sizes and length. Then there’s the compact fluorescent light or CFL, as it is more commonly called, which is the bulb version of this type.

These types are most often found in buildings like schools, offices, malls and so on. They also come in huge varieties of shapes, sizes, and even colors.


Without a doubt, light-emitting diodes or LED is now fast becoming king of light products. This is due to the versatile nature of the technology, allowing companies to shape them into practically any shape and size, color or prism, as well as length and width. You are looking at the kind of light that is found on flashlights, smartphones, cars, planes, and so many others. The same goes for LED light presence in private residences.


Then we have high-intensity discharge or HID lights, which are fairly typical of things like street lamps or outdoor light sources. These are somewhat less popular than any of the other sources simply because they aren’t as versatile or as practical. However, they are quite resistant to abuse. Anyone interested in buying some can get them for cheap via Coupon Codes On Products that fall in this category. 

Mostly, online shops like Lazada offers lazada voucher code for mobile app.  This entitles the user to get the most of their online shopping.  You will be asked to enter the discount code once you check out.


Quality is something that you always want from the products that you buy. Fortunately, when you get lighting products from us, you won’t ever have to worry that you are buying substandard junk. After all, what’s the point of getting pretty lamps or fancy bulbs if they aren’t going to last you even a month? Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are super expensive since there are some Special Discounts to help you out.  Many sites give out aliexpress coupon code new member.  You can still have the quality that you need at the price that you want!

What you always need to remember, however, is the fact that cutting corners is never a good idea. Quality must be at the top of your priority list, never at the bottom.

Great Shine

What a light product needs to do above everything else is to shine and shine as bright as it is intended to. On that note, too many people don’t really pay attention on the quality of the shine itself. Clarity is a huge factor that is often ignored, the same goes for the effects of the rays themselves. What can really make a huge difference in a home is the kind of light that is both warm and bright, but doesn’t hurt when you are exposed to it for so long.

Our light products are guaranteed to provide these qualities. As long as you know what you want and ask the right questions, you’ll never have cause to complain.

Superb Durability

Lights can break, that’s pretty much a guarantee based on their nature alone. However, they don’t need to be so fragile that a simple rise in temperature can smash them to bits either. It’s simply a matter of fact that light bulbs, fluorescent lamps and similar fixtures should be able to withstand at least some punishment. This way they’ll last for a long time, even with continued, daily use.

Long Lifespan

Our light products are guaranteed to last a long, long time. Unless you use them in a way that can be considered abusive, each and every one of our bulbs will serve you for months or years. This is exactly what you want because replacing lights can be incredibly frustrating, especially if it’s one of those special order types. Use our voucher codes and get them for cheap too.


A house, apartment, or really, just any type of residential building without the right kind of lighting can seem dark and darkness does not a warm home make. With our lighting products, we can help you feel like your safe haven actually feels inviting and comfortable to stay in. What’s more, thanks to our Offers & Coupons, they are all available for really affordable prices.

Now, it’s worth pointing out that you can’t just pick the brightest bulb in the shop and call it a day. That’s why we can also give you some great information on how you should choose your light source.

Great Variety

Brightness is not the only aspect about lighting products that you should be looking for. There’s also the matter of variety since you want to make sure that everything about the particular lamp, bulb, and shade available will give you the optimum number of options possible. This way, you won’t have to settle for a limited selection that won’t completely satisfy you.

Among the features that you will have a satisfactory amount of freedom of choice on include brightness, design, style, size, shape, brand, and type. These are just the basics, as well, with so many advanced options that you will be able to appreciate. If you are into the whole Internet of Things trend, we got you covered as well.

Perfectly Suited To Every Need

Of course, what’s the point of having plenty of lighting products to choose from if they don’t suit your specific needs? Maybe you need a specific level of brightness with a hint of bluish hue? You’ll find that when you look through our products or better yet, consult us about the kinds of product that you actually need, we’ll be about to help you out without a problem.

Quality Guaranteed

Now, we’ve covered the huge variety of lights, lamps, and fixtures that you can choose from, you now know that whatever your needs might be, we can get you what you need. However, products that are suitable to parties, calming moods, or stormy themes that produce beautiful effects are absolutely useless if they can’t last more than a few weeks’ worth of use. That’s not something you’ll need to worry about with us.

Our products are guaranteed high quality, created to not only produce warm and inviting effects, but also to have long lifespans. Depending on the product you get and how often you use them, you could be looking at several years of your home getting the light that it needs.

Installation Expertise

Finally, if you need help getting the products you want installed, we could either refer you to some excellent firms or we can have our workers do it for you if you are close enough. You should never underestimate the necessity of having a professional put up your fixtures for you, especially if they involve things as delicate and fragile as light bulbs.

The slightest miscalculation could make a gorgeous lamp or edifice look crooked or weird. That would be you flushing money right now the drain and it could become a constant source of irritation. This is just a normal consideration, especially when you Shop Online Using Discounts.


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